Powerful & Possible! The Practical Realities of Art as a Vehicle for Building Community & Promoting Change

Monday, October 13, 3:30 pm – 5:45 pm
International Ballroom C, M2/International Ballroom Level

Organized by Janis Foster, executive director, Grasssroots Grantmakers. Presented by Janis Foster and Mike Blockstein, principal, Public Matters

We know that art can be a powerful vehicle for building community and facilitating change. But what about the practical realities of hybrid projects that have multiple goals, multiple audiences, and a dynamic, bottom-up orientation that can challenge conventional thinking about timelines, budgets and deliverables? This session will use the neighborhood narrative as a platform for discussion about the opportunities and practical challenges associated with creative place-based approaches that blend socially-based arts practices and creative community development/community building practices. Participants will share insights on using a wider lens for examining, evaluating and supporting socially-based practices between arts and non-arts groups, and get tips on connecting to practices and funding streams outside of the art world to support socially sophisticated projects.