2016 GIA Conference
Saint Paul, MN   October 16–19
A Confluence of People, Cultures, and Ideas

Rural-Urban Exchange

Monday, October 17, 10:00am – 11:30am

Kellogg III

Organized and moderated by Erik Takeshita, Community Creativity Portfolio Director, Bush Foundation.

Presented by Michele Anderson, Rural Program Director, Springboard for the Arts; Savannah Barrett, Director of Programs, Art of the Rural; and Carlton Turner, Executive Director, Alternate ROOTS.

We live in a time dominated by us/them, red/blue, have/have not thinking. This kind of thinking also creates an imaginary but very real division between rural and urban communities despite their interdependency and the potential for learning from each other. This discussion forum will focus on the similarities and differences between the arts in rural and urban communities as well as on how art and artists from these communities can foster authentic exchange. This moderated discussion will featuring three “conversation starters” who will share their experiences supporting artists in both urban and rural communities as well as fostering the exchange of information between urban and rural communities.