2016 GIA Conference
Saint Paul, MN   October 16–19
A Confluence of People, Cultures, and Ideas

Imagining Philanthropia

Dreaming Out Loud

Tuesday, October 18, 2:00pm – 4:45pm

Kellogg I, InterContinental Saint Paul Riverfront Hotel

Organized by Tatiana Hernandez, Arts Director, Hemera Foundation.

Presented by Arlene Goldbard, Chief Policy Wonk; US Department of Arts and Culture; Adam Horowitz, Chief Instigator, US Department of Arts and Culture; and Yolanda Wisher, Chief Rhapsodist of Wherewithal, US Department of Arts and Culture.

There has been much discussion among arts philanthropists recently about the need to change the cultures of their institutions and practices. Foundational to the US Department of Arts and Culture’s work are its community-based, art-infused “Imaginings,” inviting everyone to envision their community twenty years from now. We know that everything created must first be imagined, and that it takes all our creativity to make the transition from stuck to culture shift. This interactive, participatory session will start with a map of our community — let us call it Philanthropia — and use stories, images, and other creative activities to reveal what is strong and what needs attention in our community’s culture. Then, together, participants will build toward a vision of the Philanthropia of our dreams, emerging with next steps that individuals, institutions, and coalitions can take to make them real.