Hooked (A participatory session for knitters)

Tuesday, October 14, 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Cypress, M2/International Ballroom Level

Organized by Hoong Lee Yee Krakauer, executive director, Queens Council on the Arts

for those obessed by the magic of a beautiful string
flowing through fingers
wrapped round wooden needles
emerging as something handmade
cabled, twisted, looped, slipped, draped, laced
draped, wrapped, tied

for the curious—
a chance to fall in love with this passionate activity

come with your own project
come learn how to knit
a simple yet fabulous, to die for, must have wrap!

At the same time
we will be exploring
ways we can keep those
who make art out of the box
in the loop.
some materials will be provided

Art is an unruly activity.

Like love, online gambling and many of life’s mysteries, the creative process rarely concerns itself with categorical constraints. A growing number of artist now make work in nimble, nonlinear ways that spring defiantly outside the grasp of our funding criteria. They are individual artists that gravitate around a project and disperse upon completion, collectives with nonprofit cheekbones but no official status, profit and nonprofit hybrids.

This session will ask participants: How do we do this? What is our commitment to change? Can we look at innovative models in the field? What does leadership look like in these new paradigms?

Let’s figure out how to keep everyone in the loop.