Going Green at the Office: Cutting Carbon and other Sustainable Practices for Foundations

Tuesday, October 14, 1:45 am – 4:45 am
Theatrical Outfit: The Balzer Theatre at Herren’s
84 Luckie Street NW

Organized by Luis Davila, enhancing the field director, Environmental Grantmakers Association. Presented by Luis Davila and Alex Szabo, CEO, The Green Office.

Grantmaking isn’t the only way to support the environment! Whether or not you fund environmental causes, you have many opportunities to alleviate climate change, prevent pollution and protect ecosystems. By adopting sustainable practices at your organization, you will be supporting healthy and just outcomes for both the natural environment and humanity. This interactive session will provide practical information and resources to help guide foundations that are interested in improving the sustainability of their operations and events. Topics to be covered include: steps towards becoming carbon neutral; energy conservation; ‘green’ materials and supplies; sustainable food and beverages; waste reduction and low-carbon travel. Join colleagues from the Environmental Grantmakers Association and the Green Office to learn best practices for going green at the office.

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