New Look Philanthropy: Models For the Next Generation of Givers

Tuesday, October 14, 8:00 am – 3:15 pm
International Ballroom C, M2/International Ballroom Level

Organized by Kristen Madsen, senior vice-president, The GRAMMY Foundation/MusiCares Foundation. Presented by Kristen Madsen; Shawn Wilson, CEO, Usher’s New Look Foundation; Nancy Lublin, CEO, Do Something; and Kurt Aschermann, president, Charity Partners.

The conference theme of examining the shifting boundaries and demographics of new American cities also opens the door to an exploration of shifting trends in philanthropy—both in new models of giving, and in new faces being engaged in the giving cycle. It can be argued that the “Me Generation” resulted in a lost generation of philanthropers. However, that trend is giving over to new generations of Americans who are placing an increasing level of importance on supporting causes that matter to them and finding new vehicles through which to make a difference.

This panel will present the experience of several organizations founded by newcomers to the world of giving who are actively engaged in new models of grantmaking—utilizing innovative methods and tools and leveraging their efforts into small armies of new philanthropers.