Mediaopoly !

Wednesday, October 15, 9:30 am – 11:00 am
Cottonwood B, M1/Street Level

Organized by Alyce Myatt, executive director, Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media. Presented by Alyce Myatt and Jeff Perlstein, program coordinator, Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media.

Comcast! YouTube! Google! NewsCorp!!! Use GIANT FUZZY DICE to play the life-size game “MEDIAOPOLY!” You’ll navigate the world of BIG MEDIA—print, broadcast, and the Internet—while learning what you need to know to effectively grow the arts and culture landscape. “Mediaopoly!” will help funders understand what’s at stake—what we gain or lose in access, innovation and democracy—and how to stem the tide.

You are your own game piece! You’ll move around a room with giant mediaopoly “real estate” designations posted on the walls of the meeting room.