What’s Treasured Is Measured: The 2009 National Arts Index

Monday, October 18, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Organized by Randy Cohen, vice president of local arts advancement, Americans for the Arts.

Presented by Felicia Shaw, director of arts and culture, The San Diego Foundation.

The session will focus on the 2009 National Arts Index, which offers a highly-distilled, annual measure of the health and vitality of arts in the United States from the period 1998 to 2009. With demand for the arts lagging capacity, the subsidy model struggling, and how we participate and consume the arts changing measurably, what is the role of public and private sector arts funders in ensuring the future vitality of the arts? Join this lively discussion about how the Index can be used to spur conversations about the value of the arts, shape strategies, educate decision makers, and improve the state of the arts in America.

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