Innovation and Change: How Small Arts Organizations are Rethinking their Business Models

Monday, October 18, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Organized by Marcia Festen, director, Arts Work Fund for Organizational Development; Laura Samson, executive director, Alphawood Foundation.

Presented by Richard Evans, president, EmcArts; Malik Gilani, executive director, Silk Road Theatre Project; Jacqueline Stone, managing director, TUTA Theatre Chicago.

Small arts organizations are adapting to changing economic models and technological opportunities. Using modest capacity-building grants, some small organizations are fundamentally rethinking aspects of their business model to remain relevant in today's marketplace. The biggest changes, for most, have been technologically driven. This session will examine case studies, including The Utopian Theatre Asylum, a Chicago-area theater company that has re-energized loyal patrons while growing its donor and audience bases through social media marketing strategies. Panelists will also share practical lessons learned about issues of project design, adaptive capacity, and frameworks for innovation.

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