Media Policy Meets Cultural Policy: Bedtime Stories for the Digital Age

Tuesday, October 19, 9:30 am – 11:00 am

Organized by Pamela Harris, deputy director, Grantmakers in Film + Electonic Media; Alyce Myatt, executive director, Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media.

Presented by Michelle Coffey, director, Lambent Foundation; Helen De Michiel, producer/director, Thirty Leaves Production.

Rarely do the advocates meet, but there is much common ground. In the spirit of “better together,” we will conduct a participatory session to elevate the intersections of the arts & social justice and media justice movements. The aim is to identify opportunities for the sharing of best practices and to foster collaborations that enable both arts & social justice and media justice practitioners to more effectively use media, more artfully craft their messages, and more efficiently reach their target audiences. Session presenters will consider such common issues as representation, access to audiences, and mainstream vs. marginal.