Funding Together, Learning Together: The Arts for All Pooled Fund and Chicago Arts Education Collaborative

Wednesday, October 20, 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Organized by Talia Gibas, arts education coordinator, Arts for All: LA County Regional Blue Print for Arts Education, Los Angeles County Arts Commission; Sarah Murr, arts and culture community investor, The Boeing Company.

Presented by Peggy Mueller, senior program officer, The Chicago Community Trust; Janice Pober, senior vice president, corporate social responsibility, Sony Pictures; Sydney Sidwell, director of administration, senior program officer, The Lloyd A. Fry Foundation.

This session will examine how funding communities in two urban centers have come together to cultivate sustainable funding partnerships for long-term, systemic arts education reform: 1) The Arts for All Pooled Fund in Los Angeles supports the restoration of all arts disciplines into the core curriculum for each of Los Angeles County’s public school students and has effectively encouraged participants to revise grant guidelines, while changing its own funding priorities; 2) The Chicago Arts Education Collaborative spearheads the Chicago Arts Learning Initiative, a community-wide effort to ensure equitable and sustainable access to innovative arts learning in Chicago Public Schools. Panelists will discuss the history, benefit, and challenges of these collaborative funding models and invite participants to brainstorm how they might be implemented in other communities.

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