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Alternate Funding Tools: Program-Related Investments

Tuesday, October 8, 9:50am – 10:50am

Washington B, Third Floor

Organized and presented by Regina Smith, Senior Program Officer, The Kresge Foundation.

Presented by Deena Epstein, Senior Program Officer, The George Gund Foundation, and Robert Jaquay, Associate Director, The George Gund Foundation.

When arts organizations thrive, they actively contribute to the local economy and the social fabric of our communities. As arts funders, our primary funding tool is a grant. If and when it’s appropriate, should we consider using others? Our colleagues in other fields have been using multiple tools in the funding toolbox to help advance mutual priorities for many years. As a next-stage capitalization conversation, let’s talk about how and when arts funders use the full complement of the toolbox: recoverable grants, deposits, loan guaranty, program-related investments, and mission-related investments. This session will provide a quick overview of the expanded toolbox and two practical examples. Bring yours.