2019 GIA Conference
Cultural Intersections
Denver, CO  |  October 13–16

Embodied Awareness

Applications and digital platforms

Monday, October 14, 10:00am – 11:30am


Organized and presented by Madison Cario, executive director, Regional Arts & Culture Council; and Lisa Niedermeyer, producing director, Disability Dance Works.

Oftentimes, the largest messaging platform that any funder has are the applications and digital platforms in which its programs and meetings take place. However, these interfaces are often the most overlooked resource when considering deep messaging about access, equity, belonging, and diversity. The ultimate marketing tool, our applications and platforms, can easily reflect our mission and vision while welcoming and inspiring spaces for everyone we intend to serve. However, if we are not paying attention, these spaces can inadvertently send messages to our communities that run counter to our goals. Moving beyond compliance, this session presents the idea that our applications and platforms can serve multiple diversities and do it well without requiring huge financial investment. If we know how to identify and mitigate the intellectual, psychological, emotional, and physical reactions that can occur in response to language and platforms, we can effect major change. Attendees will break up into teams, to explore tools and distribution processes using an equity lens. Attendees will close by creating SMARTIE goals aimed at identifying implicit bias and removing barriers.

Please bring your laptop, cell phone, or similar digital platform for a fully embodied experience.