2019 GIA Conference
Cultural Intersections
Denver, CO  |  October 13–16


Latinx artists in the age of protest

Wednesday, October 16, 8:00am – 9:00am

Tower D

Organized and moderated by Rocío Aranda-Alvarado, program officer, Ford Foundation.

Presented by Sol Aramendi, co-creator Jornaler@ App; Amada Torruella, artist/filmmaker; and Armando Minjarez, artist/activist.

This panel presentation presents four artists whose work is centered around different kinds of activism. All have created bodies of work that respond directly to the rise in critical forms of discourse around race and identity politics, the power of institutions, and the immigrant worker. Using various tactics that include museum interventions, protest, neighbor and labor organizing, the artists have helped to reshape the forms that “Latinx” art can take. Through their work, they have helped to reconsider how to grow relationships between people and institutions, how to rethink the role of the artist, and how they can create difference even within the confines of the academic or institutional systems. These artists demonstrate the breadth of expression that has developed in the recent history of contemporary Latinx art. Deeply committed to socially-engaged work, each of them represents a uniquely humanist and varied response to the issues that many artists address today.