Creation | Migration | Change

Innovation and Evolving Art Forms


Monday, October 10, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Organized by Timothy Dorsey, program officer, Open Society Foundations; Amy Kitchener, executive director, Alliance for California Traditional Arts; Tia Oros Peters, executive director, Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development; Lori Pourier, president, First Peoples Fund.

Presented by Kawika Alfiche, musician and director, Kaululehua Hawaiian Cultural Center; Lily Kharrazi, program manager, Living Cultures Grants Program, Alliance for California Traditional Arts; L. Frank Manriquez, artist and culture bearer.

Native communities (reservation, rural, and urban) have been greatly influenced by ever-changing populations and movement. Contact, relocation, intertribal marriages, and an increasingly mobile population have brought many changes to Native creative thought and expression, presenting both challenges and opportunities for the future of Native arts and cultural continuity. This session will explore Native artistic expression, collective creativity, Re-indigenization, emerging freedoms from constrained thoughts, and the de-colonization of Native arts as a remedy for social justice.