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March 19 Webinar
Emergency Preparedness and Response: COVID-19 and the arts ecosystem
Tuesday, March 19
Call for Sessions: 2020 GIA Conference
April 14 Webinar
Reclaiming Narratives: Arts Advocacy and Cultural Policy
Tuesday, April 14
February 11 Webinar
Racial Equity Podcast Series
January - March 2020


Arts Education Advocacy

State-by-State Guide for Arts Education Funding

GIA has released an online state-by-state guide on how States are using their federal funds under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to support arts education and arts programming in K-12 schools in the United States. The guide serves as an introduction to ESEA, recently updated by Congress through the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and provides guidance in understanding the law, the different programs within it, and how those programs relate to the arts or arts education.

Learn more about advocacy in your state here.

Disaster Relief

Information and Resources for Arts Funders

Our hearts and thoughts are with the communities affected by recent hurricanes and wildfires. Grantmakers in the Arts has a page of resources for arts funders who may be seeking information. GIA has assembled a listing of resources for arts funders who may be seeking information.

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Arts Funders Respond

Engaging the Political Climate

Grantmakers in the Arts understands that changes in the national political climate have impacted the arts and our communities. Arts Funders Respond is an opportunity to learn and share strategies, statements, news, and other resources to support arts grantmakers as they navigate and respond to the changing political landscape.

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GIA Reader

Creating Access for Grantees

In this podcast, we’ll hear from DéLana R.A. Dameron, founder of Black Art Futures Fund. We will discuss new ways of funding Black arts groups, refine the definition of who can be a funder, and learn about the additional, and crucial, support that BAFF offer grantees throughout the process of applying for funding.

Frameworks for Black Communities and Other Communities of Color

In this podcast, we are glad to have ABFE: A Philanthropic Partnership for Black Communities joining us! We’ll be hearing from Edward Jones, vice president of Programs, and Anthony Simmons, manager of the Racial Equity in Grantmaking Program. We will discuss how ABFE’s strategic framework and tools can offer a deeper impact in communities that are often ignored.
Video from the GIA 2019 Conference in Denver, Colorado, are now available for streaming.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Activism, Culture, and the Individual Artist