Arts & Culture: A Best Practice Case Study

The Diversity in Philanthropy Project

Lydia D. Bell

This arts and culture grantmaking case study is among the latest in a series of Diversity in Philanthropy Project (DPP) reports that examine how foundations can more effectively achieve excellence in various social, economic, and cultural investment arenas by expanding their focus on diversity and inclusivity.

The study, prepared by Lydia D. Bell, a California-based journalist and former president of Princeton University’s International Music and Dance Performance Series, explains how leading arts and culture grantmakers and allied philanthropic organizations are seeking to advance their effectiveness through innovative diversity and inclusion efforts in their ongoing work.

The report is based on separately conducted field interviews with nine respected arts funding practitioners and philanthropic sector executives. It includes a detailed presentation of the key insights, best practices, and models concerning the use of arts and culture grantmaking to advance creative excellence, inclusiveness, and understanding across cultures. Each section discusses best practices and insights for further field experimentation.

The report is intended to be a useful resource to arts and culture grantmakers who are committed to increasing inclusiveness and excellence through their social investment efforts.


   Arts & Culture: A Best Practice Case Study (186Kb)