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Goldfarb Foundation

Karen Masaki with Thomas Hardy

The Goldfarb Foundation, a small family foundation based in Boulder, Colorado, was established in 1992 by its president Peter Goldfarb, who is one of three trustees. The Foundation's grantmaking mirrors Goldfarb's longtime involvement in the arts, education, and Buddhism, and grants are made primarily to organizations working in the arts and education. Goldfarb is himself a professional director, actor, and teacher. He is a trustee and founding faculty member of the Naropa Institute in Boulder, a trustee of the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Connecticut, co-president of the Theatre Education Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), and a managing director of the UNESCO/ITI Theatre Chair.

The Foundation endeavors to keep its application process uncomplicated, and potential grantees are strongly encouraged to have personal contact with foundation staff prior to applying. Grant awards range in size from $500 to $10,000, and grantmaking is national and international in scope, though international grants are usually made to U.S.-based groups with international outreach programs. About fifty-five grants are issued each year, and trustees are conscientious about even distribution throughout various disciplines and types of programs.

For Goldfarb, the Foundation is a continuation of the generosity that has been extended to him throughout his career. Returning these benefits to society is a conviction he vigorously supports, especially as it relates to the arts. As listed in its brochure, the Foundation's core values are:

  • recognition of artistic expression in all cultures
  • recognition of the role of education in promoting∫ and communicating cultural values, and artistic and scholastic excellence
  • promotion of public and private resources for the arts
  • dedication to the promotion of understanding, empowerment, and interconnectedness through the universal language of the arts.

The Foundation's trustees and staff maintain an individualized approach in their communication with non-profits. With a view toward establishing ongoing relationships, the trustees and staff not only distribute funds but share their expertise and commend their grantees to other grantmakers and donors with similar missions and philosophies.

Karen Masaki, Hawai'i Community Foundation, with Thomas Hardy, Goldfarb Foundation