Doris Duke Foundation Grants $4.5M to Arts Organizations That Express America's Diversity

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF) recently announced 16 arts organizations received awards in recognition of their work and for their potential continued impact on their fields.

According to the foundation, each awardee "demonstrates outstanding artistic programs and visionary leadership yet varies in mission, constituency served, cultural expressions, geographic location and scale, vividly illustrating the many paths to success in the arts sector."

Maurine Knighton, program director for the arts at the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, said: “We are keenly aware that the qualities which define leadership are equally distributed across our country’s amazing tapestry of communities.”

Regarding its program that awarded the organizations, DDCF stated:

The Leadership Grants for Arts Organizations program, which considers applications by invitation only, represents a new chapter in DDCF’s continuing effort to direct grant dollars to align more closely with the reality of American ethnic and cultural diversity. Each arts organization is receiving between $100,000 to $500,000 for goals they have defined for themselves for a funded term of up to three years.

Read the announcement and discover the winners here.

Image: Dance Theater of Harlem/Facebook