New Report Delves in the U.S. South, the "Most Underfunded and Overlooked" Region

Freedom Maps: Activating legacies of culture, art, and organizing in the U.S. South, a new report written by Maria Cherry Rangel, director of Strategic Initiatives at the Foundation for Louisiana, and Ron Ragin, independent cultural worker, examines the state of artistic practice in the South and "the ways in which artists and culture workers are helping to build progressive infrastructure through social justice, and practitioners’ visions for the future."

As the media kit says:

Offering new data on philanthropic investment in Southern arts and culture, firsthand testimony from practitioners, recommendations for philanthropy and beyond, and a people's history of Southern arts and activism, our hope is that this project will illuminate the incredible ways that Southern artists and cultural workers have found to create and share work, shape movements, sustain ourselves and our communities, and ultimately save lives.

Download the report here.