Developing Sustainable Mission-Based Models for the New Economy


Monday, October 10, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Organized by Ted Russell, senior program officer, arts, The James Irvine Foundation.

Presented by Karyl Lynn Burns, founder and producing artistic director, Rubicon Theatre Company; Ron Eichman, general director, Fresno Grand Opera; Susan Misra, associate director, program/grants management & capacity building, TCC Group.

This session will highlight two organizations that questioned their assumptions about mission, programs, and finances in order to overcome deficits, build new networks of support, and create new business models. The Fresno Grand Opera and Rubicon Theatre will share the questions they struggled with and the answers they developed. They will also share their experience with capacity building through the James Irvine Foundation’s Arts Regional Initiative, and what elements helped to enhance their organizations’ adaptability and sustainability. Finally, we will have a discussion with the audience about how to balance and align mission and market forces with the role that funders can play in getting organizations ready for transformation.