What to Do When the *$!# Hits the Fan


Wednesday, October 12, 9:30 am – 11:00 am

Organized by Cornelia Carey, executive director, CERF+; Mollie Lakin-Hayes, deputy director, South Arts.

Presented by Amy Schwartzman, consultant, National Coalition of Arts Preparedness and Emergency Response; Felicia Shaw, director, arts and culture analysis & strategy, The San Diego Foundation.

Technology is bringing us, and our knowledge of events, together with ever increasing speed. And it is technology plus the irreplaceable human networks we build now that will ensure we continue operations when the *$!# hits the fan. If you could not get into your office, could you fulfill your mission? If your constituents turned to you after a disaster, what would you do? How prepared are you? Join the National Coalition for Arts Preparedness and Emergency Response as we reveal the results of the survey GIA and South Arts conducted to determine funders’ crisis readiness. And take a test drive through tools designed to make sure an emergency, whether the result of Mother Nature or human nature, doesn’t shut us down forever.