What We're Reading: Fundraising and acknowledging the legacy of giving in communities of color

''Philanthropy needs to widen its barriers of entry to include, promote, and recognize more members of our society,'' said Samra Ghermay, client engagement manager, Wingo NYC Fundraising Studio, in a recent article.

Ghermay writes,

As organizations seek to launch inclusive fundraising campaigns and inspire greater giving, they should expand their reach as much as possible by shifting to online fundraising strategies to attract major donors AND grassroots donors. All constituents should be included in fundraising efforts – from program participants to interns to staff and board. Fundraising and attracting resources is far easier if an organization has a strong, diverse social capital of committed people within its network, who are ready to take action. Finally, it is important to consider donors of color and younger donors who have expressed interest in giving but haven’t always been asked. This engagement will create visibility and trust for organizations but also generate buy-in from supporters.

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