Go with Your Heart

Blogger Lara Davis reports on day one (Monday) at the GIA Conference in Oakland

Today’s post focuses primarily on young people and the arts, and artists, with a little bit of, well, everything that’s inspiring me.

First, I want to take a moment to share some sage advice I received at breakfast as I was making choices about what sessions to attend. There’s not always congruence between what I should attend based on the work I do, and what I may want to attend. In the end, I decide to lean into inspiration, trusting what moves me. I thank Dr. Anh Thang Dao-Shah (Senior Racial Equity and Policy Analyst, San Francisco Arts Commission) for reminding me to:

“Go with your heart. You do your job every day. The whole point of going to a conference is to expand your horizons and learn about new perspectives. So, go to sessions that you really want to, that spark your curiosity and interest even if they are not aligned with your job.”

Next, shout out to this morning’s Idea Lab artists! Meklit, Michael Morgan, and Sean Dorsey. They powered a morning filled with music and storytelling, centering stories of cultural migration and representation, and transgender inclusion. They remind us of the power of music as cultural activism and identity – a conduit for choreography and movement building.

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