GIA Web Site, Reader, and Communications:

A Members Forum

Wednesday, October 15, 9:30 am – 11:00 am
Cypress, M2/International Ballroom Level

Organized and hosted by GIA Reader editors Frances Phillips, senior program officer, Walter and Elise Haas Fund, Anne Focke, executive director, Grantmakers in the Arts, and Tommer Peterson, deputy director for programs, Grantmakers in the Arts.

Join fellow GIA members to discuss and imagine future possibilities for GIA’s Reader, web site, and other communications programs. This session will build on annual gatherings of Reader contributors at previous conferences, but will expand the scope of the discussion to include a wider array of communications tools. Focus groups at last year’s conference identified as a high priority the development of GIA’s web site and its use of electronic communications. If this is of interest to you or if you’ve ever written or suggested content for the Reader you are welcome to participate in this informal get-together.

Currently, GIA’s communications programs include the Reader, the web site, phone forums, research on arts giving with the Foundation Center, conference proceedings, and other periodic periodicals, both print and electronic. With the Reader as a touchstone, this work contributes to GIA’s reputation for intellectual focus and is the glue that holds together everything it does. These programs keep communication going, stimulate new discussion, create a record, and engage members who cannot participate in person.