Lulani Arquette, GIA Board of Directors Alumna, and Roberto Bedoya, Current GIA Board Member, Win the Berresford Prize

United States Artists announced Lulani Arquette, GIA Board of Directors alumna, and Roberto Bedoya, current GIA Board Member, as recipients of the 2021 Berresford Prize, "an annual award that honors cultural practitioners who have contributed significantly to the advancement, wellbeing, and care of artists in society," details the announcement.

"Lulani Arquette and Roberto Bedoya are complementary figures in the field that have both created new possibilities for artists, and will each receive the $25,000 award this year. Their visionary approaches engender cooperation, promote thoughtful civic engagement, and advocate for artists on a local and national level," states the press release.

Image - Courtesy: Lulani Arquette & Roberto Bedoya
Image montage: Steve Cline

Read the press release here.