What We're Reading: "How did you wake up your radical imagination today?"

The Center for Story-Based Strategy (CSS) recently published a piece by Lenina Nadal with a question for artists, rebels, activists, nonprofit workers, propagandists, creators, makers, innovators, practitioners, organizers and trainers: "How did you wake up your radical imagination today?"

What kinds of spaces exist or could be cultivated for artists to be their full selves in movement organizations or at their jobs? Campaigns and organizations often demand creativity to be delivered within the constraints of political messaging, time frames and marketing and campaign plans. When the well runs dry, where do creative people go to hydrate? This was the question prompting our Creative Practitioners' Roundtable. We thought, what if — in addition to our work bringing representatives of organizations together — we created a space for creative practitioners themselves within our network to share their artistic process, and how they use CSS tools in their personal and creative work?

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