"Why Not Put Artists in Problem-Solving Roles?"

"Artists are used to dancing in the complexity. We like to make something where nothing exists; to explore new language around a struggle; to listen profoundly; to create new ways to see the world. Why not put artists in problem-solving roles?"

This is part of a reflection written by Krys Holmes, published in the National Performance Network (NPN)'s website, after participating last year's ArtPlace America Annual Summit. Addressing how creative placemaking "puts artists in the center of civic planning to help solve complex problems," Holmes says:

America loves to put art in service to something else (STEM education, brain function, physical therapy…) What intrigues me about creative placemaking is what I loved about Church growing up: it facilitates communities sticking it out together because they believe in something bigger than their individual selves. I think this work—creating connectedness that is grounded in a place—is critical to healthy society. Only with creative placemaking it’s art, rather than religion, that is the gateway to transformation.

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Image: NPN website